Creative Ways to Style Settees

Settees, the charming and versatile cousins of the sofa, have long been a staple in home décor for their ability to add both function and flair to a space. Often smaller than a traditional couch, but larger than a loveseat, the settee is perfect for cosy nooks, spacious living rooms, and every space in between. Whether you're working with a modern design aesthetic or you're looking to spice up a compact room, here are some creative ways to style your small settee and make it a standout piece in your home.

The Art of Layering

Layering is a simple yet effective way to add depth and interest to your two-seater settee decoration. Begin with a base of neutral-toned textiles like a woven throw or a soft blanket to add warmth. Then, introduce a mix of pillows in various sizes, colours, and textures. The key is to create a balance that complements the settee's form while expressing your personal style.

Add a Pop of Colour


Don't shy away from bold hues or patterns when selecting pillows or throws. A pop of colour can transform your settee from a muted piece of furniture to an eye-catching focal point. Consider seasonal changes as well, swapping out bright summer tones for richer, deeper colours as the weather cools.

Incorporate a Theme

Themes can be a delightful way to guide your furniture styling choices. Whether you're inspired by a seaside retreat or a rustic countryside, you can curate accessories that reflect these motifs. For a coastal vibe, think about soft blues and sandy beiges, perhaps with a striped pattern. For a more bucolic look, plaids and earthy tones with textures like burlap or chunky knit can create a cosy atmosphere.

Functional Flourishes

Settees are not only about looks; they're also about functionality. Incorporate small side tables or a slim coffee table in front of the settee to enhance its practicality. This allows for a place to set down a book or a cup of tea, adding convenience to style. Choose pieces that match the scale of your settee and maintain the overall aesthetic of the room.

Select the Right Spot

The placement of your two seater couch within a room can dramatically affect its impact. Position your settee in a well-lit corner to create a cosy reading spot, or use it to define an open-plan living space by setting it as a divider between areas. If your settee boasts a distinctive design, place it centrally so it can be admired from all angles.

Play With Proportion

In modern design, playing with proportion can be especially striking. Pair your small settee with oversized art or a large plant to create an engaging contrast. This juxtaposition can make both the settee and the accompanying item stand out, lending a gallery-like feel to the space.

By employing these creative styling techniques, you can ensure your settee is not just a place to sit, but a testament to your design savvy. Experiment with textiles, themes, and placement to find the perfect look that elevates your settee and your space.